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Elsebeth Lavold has received worldwide recognition for her knitwear design. She is best known for her Viking Knits Project.
   Since 2003, her design efforts are primarily focused on her own yarn label,
Elsebeth Lavold Designer's Choice.

This page is a brief overview of Designs, Yarns, The Viking Knits Project, Workshops & Lectures, and The Knitty Gritty pages.

   The links in the left margin will take you directly to the top page of each section.

Logo: elsebeth lavold design Design: elsebeth lavold
The Designs page contains an overview of our photo galleries, displaying current design collections, available in book form. There is also a link to a page with more information about the designer, and examples of her earlier work.


Yarns: Elsebeth Lavold Designer's Choice
In close cooperation with Knitting Fever Inc., the leading US yarn company, Elsebeth Lavold develops her own yarn label:
Elsebeth Lavold Designer's Choice. The yarns are presently distributed in the USA, Canada, and parts of Scandinavia.
   An overview of available yarns can be found at the Yarns page, from where you may continue to pages about the individual yarns.


Logo: Elsebeth Lavold designer's Choice

Viking Knits design Trud and a Viking Age artifact The Viking Knits Project
A technical innovation in knitting made it possible for Elsebeth Lavold to use the beautiful interlace patterns of the Scandinavian Vikings in her knitwear design.
   The origin of The Viking Knits Project dates back to 1992. Today, the project consists of a touring exhibition,
Knitting Along the Viking Trail, a 128 page book, Viking Patterns for Knitting, three 64 page design collections, The Viking Knits Collection, The Second Viking Knits Collection, and The Third Viking Knits Collection, and well over a hundred designs, available in the books or (in Sweden) as knit kits.
   Discover more at the Viking Knits Project page.


Workshops & Lectures
Elsebeth Lavold doesn't mind sharing her design and knitting skills, as an instructor or lecturer, in English, Swedish or Danish.
   Find out more at the Workshop page.


Workshop at the Gothenburg City Museum

A short break in the knitting - very short! The Knitty Gritty
Our "variety pages" for all sorts of knitting related content: Events, sometimes free instructions, and whatever else we think might be of interest to you.
   An overview page with links shows what is presently available.


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