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Stitches West 2003

Stitches West 2003 in Oakland, California, was the 25th Stitches expo, arranged by XRX and Knitter's Magazine. Over 900 knitters signed up for one or more of the over 100 classes, and there were more than 160 booths at the Market. Elsebeth Lavold was certainly kept busy as keynote speaker, signing books at the Market, and teaching 3 different classes. In 2004, Elsebeth returned as speaker and instructor at Stitches Midwest in St. Charles, Illinois, but we unfortunately don't have any photos from that event. Thank you, XRX, for some truly memorable experiences. Below, photos from some of the events in Oakland.

Keynote speech, Stitches West 2003
"I didn't just wake up one morning thinking I believe I'm going to knit some Viking ornaments today..." On the opening day in Oakland, California, Elsebeth Lavold captured her audience for 1½ hours, talking in her keynote speech about the history of knitting and the Viking Knits project.

Book signing at the Stitches West MarketThe Market can only be described as Paradise for knitters, with an abundance of yarns, needles and books, and a chance for people to meet their favorite designers.
   Here, Elsebeth signs her book Viking Patterns for Knitting. To her right, designer colleague Melissa Leapman.

The book signing events were arranged by the Yarn Barn of Kansas. Elsebeth, who loves to share her skills and discuss her favorite subject, talked as least as much as she wrote, and there was plenty of opportunity, not only at the Market.
   People were knitting and discussing knitting and yarns everywhere; in the corridors of the Oakland Marriot, in the restaurants, even in the elevators.
   If you were not there, it is hard to imagine. If you were there, or in St. Charles, Elsebeth would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who approached her and enriched her knitting life.
Book signing at the Stitches West Market

Stitches West Fashion Show, Viking Knits design Thorunn by Elsebeth LavoldOne of the many much appreciated events was the Fashion Show, firmly and humorously hosted by Bev Nimon (right).
   Elsebeth Lavold showed three of her Viking Knits designs; one of them Thorunn (left).
Stitches West Fashion Show, Bev Nimon

Stitches West Viking Knits Workshop
Elsebeth was amazed by the skill and devotion of the knitters in all her classes. Teaching is something she enjoys in general, but the Viking Knits classes at Stitches West was a sheer joy. Judging from the evaluations, her students weren't exactly displeased either.

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