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Lödöse museum

Lödöse museum, exterior

We warmly recommend a visit to the archaeological museum in Lödöse in western Sweden, not only for their kind courtesy to host our Knitting Along the Viking Trail exhibit some years back.

Not only can you find an extensive and well-displayed collection of excavated objects from prehistoric and medieval western Sweden; both the exterior and interior of the building itself are just simply beautiful.
   The architects, Christer Håkansson and Chris Delisle, have created a modern and functional architecture, and still manage to convey a sense of approaching a medieval castle.
   The museum is located 45 km / 28 mi north of Gothenburg along route 45, and can be reached by bus from Gothenburg. Please visit the museum website (presently without pages in English, however).
Lödöse museum, exterior

Lödöse museum, interior
The interior of the building triggers your imagination just as much as the exterior. The coarse building materials and the arched roof framework leaves you (or at least us) with a sense of being on the inside of a ship turned upside down. The second story floor, seemingly floating in mid-air like a present-day island in the medieval outer structure, adds to the pleasantly ambiguous quality of the museum.

From Lödöse museum: Decorated tool handle How in the world does this relate to knitting? Well, look at the beautifully decorated tool handle in the drawing.

Right, it is braided. This is enough to trigger the process common to many Swedish exhibit occasions: If a museum possesses an object with an attractive ornamentation that allows itself to be transferred into a knit pattern, Elsebeth Lavold enjoys creating a design unique to that museum.
   When the exhibit opened in Lödöse in the late summer of 2000, the cap and mittens in the photo were (and still are) sold as knit kits in the museum store.
   More examples of designs, unique to a specific museum, can be found on the exhibit page in the Viking Knits section.
Caps and mittens "Lödöse", design by Elsebeth Lavold

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