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Corrections for The Take Five Collection

The corrections apply to the designs Martha, Martha Baby, Ngaio, Anne and Margery.

Martha, p. 22:
The numbers for the shoulders are off. The correct sequence should be:
7,8,8 (8,9,9) 9,9,10 (10,10,10) 10,11,11 (11,11,12) sts.

Martha baby, p. 24:
I'm sorry the instructions are less than clear, compounded by a couple of errors.

There should be 21 (21) 26 sts for the shoulder, front and back. I had missed the first decrease of 2 sts at the front neck so the number of sts put on a holder should be 10 (12) 12.

Sleeves: Ignore my line of numbers for stitchcount after the charted increases - I had forgotten to include the increases at the side.
   The final stitch count on the sleeve is the correct one, so adjust the number of increases for a total of 11 (15) 18 increases = 58 (68) 76 sts.

Ngaio, chart p. 28:
The symbol  /.  in the chart has accidentally been reversed. It should be  .\  and should be read as a p2tog.

Anne, chart pp. 40 and 41:
The upside-down V is missing in the list of symbols, sorry. It is a left slanting double dec: Either
   SK2P (slip 1, k2tog, psso), or
   sssk (slip, slip, slip, k3tog through back loops);
   both versions work equally well.

Margery, chart p 50:
There should be an extra purl st at each side of the chart for all sizes, (I somehow missed the increase when I drew the chart) and the text for the chart should be
   S:20 st panel increased to 22 sts.
   M+L: 22 st panel increased to 24 sts.
   XL: 24 st panel increased to 26 sts.

   I'm sorry!
   Elsebeth Lavold




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