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Corrections for The Viking Knits Collection

Ouch, I've checked and checked and occasionally I seem to have checked once too many...

The corrections apply to the designs Jarngerd, Ljod, Trud, Liv, Gyrid, MenjaHerdis, Herdis children's sizes, Ran, Tyra, Torgeir, Torgeir children's sizes, Tordis, and Gram cap, and can be found below.

Jarngerd p. 16:
I have been made aware that I could have been more specific in describing the short rows on the yoke, so the the second column of p. 16 (left front) should read as follows:
   Shape yoke starting at shoulder edge, work short row sts according to the chart row referred to but do not count them as part of the chart, (that is, after working the sequence of short rows described in Row 1 the next complete row will be chart row 3). The short rows do not include cabling, only knit and purl sts. *Row 1: Work 16 sts, wrap, turn and work back. Work 12 sts, wrap, turn and work back. Work 8 sts, wrap, turn and work back. Work across row (row 3 of chart), knitting into both the wrap and the wrapped st. Row 9: Work 16 sts, wrap, turn and work back. Work across row (row 9 of chart), knitting into both the wrap and the wrapped st. Row 17: Work as row 9. Work across row (row 17 of chart), knitting into both the wrap and the wrapped st. Work until row 24 of chart. Repeat from * 3 times and work straight until outer edge reaches center back neck.
   The yoke part of the instructions should have been described after the back, but I trust most knitters are able to put the work on hold until the back is finished.
   The shoulder sts should be put on hold for both front and back (I usually bind off using scrap yarn when I put sts on hold, and just unravel the scrap yarn in order to pick up sts or do a three-needle bind off).
   There is also an error in the conversion from cm to inches on the back. 66 cm is 26 in, not 26½.

Cuffs, p. 17:
The V in rows V1-24 is just a typo and should be ignored.

Ljod p. 18:
The phrase "chart row 0" at the top of column 2 shouldn't have been there - this row is where you start row 1 of the chart.

Ljod, p. 21, Top of sleeves:
The last set of decreases are only made on the right side. On the wrong side rows you should knit the knits and purl the purls.
   Since you are decreasing at the sides and on either side of the purls at the center, it is not possible to decrease as explained until 4 sts remain, only until 8 sts remain.
   The last decrease row will have to be: k2tog, ssk, k2tog, ssk, bringing the number of sts down to 4 to be bound off.
   The center decreases at the top will create a sort of a pointed spoon shape.

Trud Back p. 23:
Foundation row, RS: *p8 (9) 10 (11) 12, k1F, p20 (22) 24 (26) 28, k1F, p8 (9) 10 (11) 12, p1F, p20 (22) 24 (26) 28, p1F; repeat from* 3 times.

Next row, WS: *K30 (33) 36 (39) 42, p1F, k20 (22) 24 (26) 28, p1F, k8 (9) 10 (11) 12; repeat from* 3 times.

Liv Back, p. 28:
Stiches for neck should be bound off, not placed on hold.

Front, p. 28:
The text for Shape left side of neck, WS should read:
" Dec row WS: * Work 3 sts, ssk, work to end. Work 1 row, repeat dec row, work 3 rows. Repeat from * until 24 (25) 27 (29) sts + 3 sts remain.

Right side of neck should be worked as the left, reversing all shaping.

The neckband should read: "Cast on 1 st at shoulder side..."

Gyrid Back, p. 33:
On the 5th line, the inch measurements should read 1¼ (1¼) 1¾ (1¾) in.
(The measurements in cm are correct.)

Menja, p. 36:
Collar, p. 36
...At the same time, after every row marked by turning arrows (rows 15, 31 and 47), work short-rows across the 25 sts: k25, turn, k25. Those 25 sts should be worked in pattern.

Finishing, p. 36:
Use a circular needle, US size 4 (3½ mm), for the lower edge.

Herdis, pp. 38 and 40:
The text states "work rows 1-58 of chart". The chart only has 48 rows, so this should be "work rows 1-48 of chart".

The number of stitches cast on for the sleeves should be 96 (100) 104 (108) 112 (116).

Herdis children's sizes, p. 42:
Left front: Cast on 69 (73) 77 (81) 85 (89) sts (2 sts less than stated).
Foundation row, WS: K1, p2, k2, p2, k2, p11 (13) 15 (17) 19 (21) ...

Work the 2 panels (not 4).

Later on, decrease at neck every other row 8 times instead of 10 and then the rest of the dec's as stated.

Ran Back, row 9 and following, p. 45:
Shape shoulders using short rows: work until 13 (13) 17 (17) sts remain, wrap, turn and work back until 13 (13) 17 (17) sts remain. Work each of the following 4 rows....

Chart, p. 46:
Markings for sizes have been switched - if you knit S or L start at the marking for M+XL, and the other way around.

Tyra p. 48, beginning of instructions:
Cast on 110 (118) sts...

Symbols and explanations for the 3/3 Right Cable is missing in the symbols list. Work as for 2/2 Right Cable, working 3 sts wherever it says 2.

Torgeir children's sizes Sleeves p. 53:
Foundation row: Work 14 (14) 18 (18) sts in st st, 2 sts in rev st st, work 6 st cable from chart, 2 sts in rev st st, 14 (14) 18 (18) sts in st st,

Tordis p. 55, Back:
Instead of "... when work measures 8 cm from ribbing", it should say "...when work measures 8 cm from cast-on". Then all the other numbers will be OK.

Chart, p. 56:

Row 43 should be worked to correspond to row 42.
The symbols on row 51 are missing in the list of symbols. They are worked as the symbols on row 1 but all sts are knitted.

Gram Cap, p. 58:
Last line of first column: = 34 (38, 42) sts -- just ignore these numbers!

   I'm sorry!
   Elsebeth Lavold




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