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Logo: The Out of the Woods Collection

Corrections for The Out of the Woods Collection

The below applies to the designs Grove, Runnel and Woodborer, and to the abbreviations list on p. 62.

Grove, p.34, left front:
A mistake in the pattern sequencing, the text should read:
From here on both lengths are worked alike: Now, work a motif, panel B 7 times, panel A 4 times, a motif and then panel A throughout.

For both fronts, the block pattern should start on row 5, so that knit blocks meets purl blocks at the sides.

Runnel, p 38:
Baby Cable Ribbing row 1: the repeat should read: * p1, K2, p1, repeat...

Front, the second line should read: .../ 14 (15) 16 (17) 18 cm and end on the same row.

Woodborer, p. 52:
The quantities for contrast color is off, it should be 6 (7) 8 (10) balls

Abbreviations, p. 62:
Sk2p should of course read: slip 1, k2tog, psso.

   I'm sorry!
    Elsebeth Lavold




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