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Corrections for The Kashmiri Love Collection

The below applies to the designs Lavinia, Charlotte, Mathilda and Victoria, and to the abbreviations list on p. 62.

Lavinia, p. 24:
I'm sorry, I managed to use the purl cable symbols instead of the knit cable symbols in the list of symbols. The symbols for the cable over 3 sts should have been without dots and with this explanation:
   1/2 Left Cable: slip 1 sts to cn, hold to front, k2; k1 from cn;
   1/2 Right Cable: slip 2 st to cn, hold to back, k1; k2 from cn

Also, I have no instructions for the 1/1 cables with dots - just knit those as described for the ones without dots, and make sure that the purl sts on the next row is positioned correctly.

Charlotte, p. 38:

Two number sequences have switched places:
   The length to the neck should be 4¾ (5¼) 5½ in / 12 (13) 14 cm
   The length to shoulder should be 5¼ (5½) 6 in / 13 (14) 15 cm
   Total length should be 12¾ (13½) 15¼ in / 33 (35) 39 cm

Mathilda, p. 46:
For the Ruffle Collar the instructions on how to knit are OK, but the control numbers are wrong:
   After the first increase row = 130 sts (1 st added in the middle of each baby cable)
   After the second increase row = 155 sts (1 st added in the middle of each purl rib)
   After the third increase row = 207 sts (2 sts added to each knit/baby cable rib)
   And of course, for the ruffle on the other side, pick up 130 sts.

Abbreviations, p. 62:
Sk2p should of course read: slip 1, k2tog, psso.

Victoria, p. 63, Chart symbols:
The explanation for the 3/3 cables are wrong, they should be as follows:
   3/3 Right Purl Cable: slip 3 st to cn, hold to back, k3; p3 from cn
   3/3 Left Purl Cable: slip 3 sts to cn, hold to front, p3; k3 from cn

   I'm sorry!
   Elsebeth Lavold



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