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Knitting Along the Viking Trail
The American Swedish Institute
Minneapolis, Minnesota 2003

When the exhibit Knitting Along the Viking Trail was shown in the United States for the first time, we came back with a lot of impressive photos (if we may say so ourselves) from an impressive building. Our website visitors have enjoyed the photos from the ASI in Minneapolis, so we decided to keep them at the website, even though the exhibit has continued to other locations.

The magnificent Turnblad Mansion is the home of The American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis. Most of the exhibit resided in this beautiful and exceptionally decorated room on the second floor.Overview of the ASI exhibit in Minneapolis

ASI Minneapolis exhibit, North windows sectionThree of the groups were placed against the half-moon shaped row of windows facing North. The last rays of faint, cold daylight on a late February afternoon creates a dramatic background for mannequins, signs and picture stone replicas.

ASI Minneapolis exhibit, Braided mats groupThe exhibit has undergone quite a few updates for the U.S. tour. Nanna (to the right in the left photo) was supplied with knitted boots (!) to cope with the Minnesota Winter, and to the group with knitted runes (right photo), a cap and a pair of mittens were added.ASI Minneapolis exhibit, Knitted runes group

The Triquetra (three-knot) group in the far right of this photo is entirely new. The designs in dark green, Björk, comprised of a sweater, mittens and the stunning hat, were introduced in the exhibit at the ASI.ASI Minneapolis exhibit, East wall

ASI Minneapolis exhibit, Opening dayMany people, and quite a few of them men, defied the freezing cold of Minneapolis in mid-February to attend the opening. The designer herself appears to be praying, perhaps for a quiet moment, but such moments were scarce during her two weeks in Minnesota.

Apart from setting up and opening the exhibit, Elsebeth Lavold had a busy schedule with all sorts of assignments. Here, a photo from the High Tea event, where she gave a speech and a guided tour of the exhibit.ASI Minneapolis exhibit, High Tea

ASI Minneapolis, Viking Knits workshopThe exhibited garments are not for sale. If you would like a Viking Knits sweater, you have to knit it yourself, and Elsebeth gladly shares her knowledge and experience. This workshop took place in the ASI "Kaffestuga", and another full-day workshop was held at The Textile Institute of Minnesota. Knit kits were sold in the museum book store.

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