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Knitting Stage & Studio News FAQ

Stage & Studio

Professional artistic performance in a variety of different areas, whether onstage or in the studio, is the Anders Rydell trademark. Read about

Music   Acting   The Voice   Hosting   Sound Engineering



For more than twenty years, Anders Rydell’s main income came from singing, songwriting and guitar playing. His career took off with a blast in 1974 after being honored the “Surprise of the Year Award” by the audience at the then most renowned Swedish song festival: Visfestivalen i Västervik.
   But Rydell’s driving force was not about achieving fame, and he felt that traveling throughout Sweden singing to adults and children in small settings was much more fun. This might not have made him rich, or world famous, but it did much to contribute to the development of his special musical style, and was rewarding in many other ways as well.

Anders Rydell performing in the heart of Stockholm in the Summer of 2000
Photo: Kungsträdgården Park & Evenemang AB

The terms troubadour, singer/songwriter, entertainer are simply not adequate in describing this artist who might best be characterized as a folk singer, were it not for his broad musical scope and eclectic guitar playing technique. A touch of latin, a pinch of blues, some jazz and Swedish folk music influences all add up to create a unique musical blend, with lyrics (mainly Swedish) that are several notches above the “me-and-you-and-our-love-too” level.
  His repertoire also includes a broad spectrum of songs by other Swedish poets, from contemporary artists to 18th century troubadour Carl Michael Bellman.
   Still in demand for his intimate concerts, Anders Rydell has fine-tuned his professionalism tailoring his choice of material to suit the needs of his audiences. A selection of these songs can be performed to an English-speaking audience, presented and explained in perfect English, providing the listener with a special insight into Swedish musical culture.

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For more than a decade Anders Rydell has been contributing to the production of commercial and informative video and TV programs, and while not formally trained, he has worked with many of Sweden’s prestigious TV production companies.
   Casting directors appreciate his credibility, coolness and intelligence. With looks to suit a broad spectrum of roles, a pleasing voice, and a wide range of language and dialect capabilities, these qualities tend to help keep his assignment calendar full.
   His years at college in Massachusetts left him speaking American English without an accent.

Anders Rydell: From the making of TV commercial "MasterHand 3.0"
From the making of an April Fools Day spot, trying (and to some extent succeeding) to convince the Swedes that interactive commercial television exists: Just press a button, displayed on your screen, to receive the kind of commercial message you prefer!
Photo: Mekano Film&Television

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The Voice
Long-term stage experience is not just as asset for Anders Rydell, but for his employers in a studio setting as well. His consummately professional performance in front of a microphone, both technically and in his ability to precisely vary intonation, is appreciated by directors and sound engineers alike. Rydell’s deep, warm baritone voice, with its minimal touch of coarseness, can really make a message stand out, regardless of whether your project needs a speaker for a 15-second radio spot or a 90-minute instruction video. Anders Rydell has several Swedish dialects in his repertoire, speaks American English like a native and British English, German, French and Danish with some accent.

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Casual, sophisticated, authoritative or witty; Anders Rydell has what it takes to host events from hearings and debates to festivals and premieres, in both Swedish and English. His native curiosity combined with an unusual sphere of knowledge increase the range of events to which he can successfully contribute and allow him to handle inevitable improvisations in live situations appropriately. If desired, hosting can even be combined with artistic performance.

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Sound Engineering
As a sound engineer, Anders Rydell has honed his special ability to maintain the natural qualities of voices and acoustic instruments all the way through the amplification chain. He now only accepts mixing console assignments where these unique qualities are required. For small combos, he can provide his own microphones and effect units, making sound checks more efficient and enabling safer handling of eventual improvisation in the live situation.
   Highly commended by his performing colleagues, they often comment on how secure they feel with Anders at the console; a matter of one musician adding to the performance of another. Rydell’s vast musical experience makes him, as sound manager, able to watch the breathing technique of a singer and balance and enhance the dynamic qualities of the act a split second before a crescendo or diminuendo. How often does one encounter that kind of talented dedication?

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